June 7, 2023

JUN 7, "pictures at a renovation":

Flooring, cabinets, wallboard repairs, doors, and some of the baseboards are now in place, and a lot of the debris has been cleaned up!

You can journey back through the whole arduous undertaking by scrolling back through our earlier posts (you can also click these dates for direct transport back to see the previous views). The earlier posts show the demolition phase, and that may be of particular interest to many viewers.
May 25: reconstruction
May 7reconstruction
May 3reconstruction
April 26reconstruction
April 18reconstruction
April 16: demolition phase
April 10: demolition phase
April 6: demolition phase
April 4: demolition phase
March 31: demolition phase
And, check out the project-planning stage, elucidated in photos and verse, on March 19, and March 27.


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