March 31, 2024

MAR 31, lowcountry excursion: Brookgreen Gardens, SC

The largest sculpture garden in the United States, Brookgreen Gardens  was founded in 1931; it has on display some 1500 outdoor sculptures in an incredible natural setting located at Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. 

visit to Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

"The Saint James Triad", bronze sculpture 1997,
Richard McDermott Miller 

"Torse de Femme", limestone sculpture 1989,
David Klass

"Time and the Fates of Man", bronze 1939,
Paul Manship

visitor admiring Spanish moss

a quiet, floral corner

"Pegasus", granite 1954,
Laura Gardin Fraser

"Girl with Squirrel", 
Sylvia Shaw Judson

"Diana of the Chase", bronze 1922,
Anna Hyatt Huntington

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March 30, 2024

MAR 30 (2024), singable satire: James Taylor sings "BABY JAMES SUITE"


SATIRICAL (and wistful) LYRICS 

ORIGINAL SONG: "Sweet Baby James",  by James Taylor. The song was presumably composed during a winter car-trip that Taylor made from Boston to North Carolina for the christening of Baby James, his nephew, and the first of a new generation in the Taylor family.   
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2013 (despite its name it contains only a single song). It was added to Giorgio's original blog "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies" as his fourteenth parody-song.
PARODY-SONGLINK: To find ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany "Baby James Suite" on your favorite instrument, click HERE.


(to the tune of "Sweet Baby James") 

A young lonely ranch-hand takes shape in James’ mind 
As he slows behind snow-ploughs, quick-naps at a Daze-Inn;
Then he steers through clear traffic, babe-nephew to christen,
And blows past green road-signs to North Carolin’.
While musing o’er hues in his faux-cowboy’s scarf
Far-off plays this tune which we all know as fine,
A choir, disembodied, seems mainly to laugh,
And he ponders, horse-powering across the state line
As the moon starts her upward incline.

Slow-down for road construction,
Day-dreaming beer and old flames.
Surgical blues aren’t the colors to choose -
We’re glad he must have stopped for caffeine:
Deep Greens/Blues,
fiber-art, courtesy  R.C.H.
His fans adore Sweet Baby James.

Now the Great Lakes on Monday were dreary with snow,
And so per my e-mails were D.C. and Boston;
Lord, their Dad’s prone to SAD by account of our offspring,
Most worklife behind me, a few winter months to go.

There’s an earworm that plays when I’m stuck in the sigh-way
 A sad song contrived on a drive by “JT”,
A song we’ll escape where old fogeys retire,
We’ll unsaddle that song and its two puzzling themes
When we take to our place near the sea.

So Ciao, frozen char from the Arctic
Hey there! fresh flounder and grits.
The earworm is shared by a workmate named Shaun
Who helps shake me out of my sad fits:
We’re both great fans of Sweet Baby James.

March 29, 2024

MAR 29, mammalian wildlife: Geebo's angwantibo


a) reprise from March 2020:

MAR 29, mammalian wildlife: Geebo's angwantibo

Keep more to yourself for a while, wash your hands frequently, remember to laugh on occasion, and stay well!

Authors' Note:  The angwantibo (an-GWAN-tee-boh) or golden potto, Calabar angwantibo, is a small golden-haired primate inhabiting parts of Central Africa, including the country of Gabon. It undertakes its propagation rituals while hanging from tree-branches. The results of attempts at such matings by unskilled participants are unrecorded.

  To some readers the name Geebo may seem unlikely, but the author assures you that for the first twenty years of his life this nickname (one of the few of which he approved) was in common use, at least by his siblings; it is still used occasionally in close circles.

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March 28, 2024

MAR 28, submitted palindromes, targeted: "WAS IT A RAT I SAW"


For word nerds like us, who adore palindromes, hours of delight await  on our blog "Edifying Nonsense".

First of all, there  is a series of posts, on the 25th of each month (2020 through 2024) featuring collections of "submitted palindromes", attributable to the contributing authors shown above, constituting a loosely organized compendium of intriguing back and forth phrases; frequently, these are inspired by the "classic" palindrome repertoire, as is the case in today's offering as shown in the above slide.

Then, on the 20th of each month, original topic-based collections of wordplay items are displayed, often as "wordplay maps". These include anagrams and other forms of wordplay in addition to palindromes. However, the latter lexical device is honored in major outpourings including "New World palindromes", "Old World palindromes", "Magical palindromes" and even a post on "The Meaning of Life as Revealed in Palindromes". 

The first three posts of each month on "Edifying Nonsense", (on the 5th, 10th and 15th), are the repository of short poetic verses, mostly limericks and "limerrhoids",  the majority of which have gone through rigorous collaborative editing on an online site. But even there, wordplay, particularly limericks are honored and discussed. So you can, by following the links, find some five collections (with eight verses each),  dealing  with the "classic palindrome repertoire", not to mention  extensions displaying terse verses about the fabled "Palindrome Valley" and parodies about the "Panama canal". 

And, even further, there is under construction a group of parody-songs honoring the classic palindromes. The song lyrics will be posted here, on this blog ("Daily Illustrated Nonsense") and also, with more musical direction on "Silly Songs and Satire."  We will update you when that project has been completed, but if you insist you could sneak a peak at the song "Sin and Redemption".    

March 27, 2024

MAR 27, Charleston garden: gazebos

a) reprise from March 2020:

MAR 27, the Charleston garden: gazebos

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March 26, 2024

MAR 26, postal places, Canada: Whistler, BC

Authors' Note: BC is the official abbreviation for the Canadian province of British Columbia in which the resort-municipality of Whistler, permanent population 14,000, is located. Two million tourists visit Whistler annually for winter alpine sports, and for the summer pastimes of hiking and mountain biking.

Prior to European settlement, the site was the shared territory of the Squamish and Lil'wat First Nations. Trappers and prospectors were gradually attracted, but completion of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in 1914 provided easy access from Vancouver, and brought logging and escalating tourism. The resort-city is named for the call of the hoary marmot, a ground squirrel dwelling at high elevations. The Whistler-Blackcomb area served as a major venue for "Vancouver 2010", the twenty-first Olympic Winter Games.


You can read more about the hoary marmot in another of our verses HERE.

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March 25, 2024

MAR 25, holidays and celebrations: Greek Evzones (Greek Independence Day)

a) reprise from March 2020:

MAR 25, holidays and celebrations: Greek Independence Day


Authors' Note:

evzone: (EHV-zohn, anglicized form), member of an elite unit drawn from the Hellenic Army Infantry Corps

Grand Change: a more elaborate version of the hourly changing of the guard that takes place on Sunday mornings at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens' Syntagma Square, providing a popular photo-op for locals and tourists

Kleft (KLEHFT): Greek fighter in the War of Independence

fustanella: kilt made from 30 meters of white cotton, supposedly with 400 pleats to represent each of the years of Ottoman occupation

Greek natives, members of the diaspora and general enthusiasts might also enjoy our collection of illustrated verses on the subject of "Hellenophilia".  


March 24, 2024

MAR 24, palinku (poetic novelty): two more verses about partying


(Ed. note) Verses of this type have continued to proliferate, and the total now exceeds 50. You can view them all at one swoop if you proceed with a single click to our more encyclopedic blog "Edifying Nonsense". Click HERE.

March 23, 2024

MAR 23, defining opinion: honorifics

 Our blogpost "Defining Opinion" on the topic-based blog "Edifying Nonsense" shows a selection of similar verses submitted to OEDILF (the online Omnificent English Dictionary iLimerick Form). You can see all of these on one visit by clicking HERE.

March 22, 2024

MAR 22, life in Palindrome Valley: politics

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March 21, 2024

MAR 21, Carolina lowcountry: springtime excursion (reprise)


a) reprise from March 2020:

MAR 17, Carolina lowcountry: springtime excursions

reptile; painted turtle (Eastern); E. picta; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

"Nice hot street pavement for sunning"
(Eastern painted turtle)

immature white ibis; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

immature white ibis (less than two years)
Note the duller color of the bill and legs
and the brown-black body feathers
 versus its older companions

azalea; azalea indica; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

early azalea blooms

Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina

great egret in the reeds

photo; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

evening view from Shem Creek Park




March 20, 2024

MAR 20 (2024), singable satire: Elvis sings "RETURN TO 'SURRENDER' "


ORIGINAL SONG: "Torna a Surriento"; E. DeCurtis(music), G. DeCurtis(lyrics), 1902 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, February, 2013. the thirteenth song posted on "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies", the original parody-blog.
PARODY-SONGLINK: To access ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany "Return to 'Surrender' " on your favorite instrument, click HERE.

The wonderful original song, written in Neapolitan, has been recorded by Caruso, Lanza, Pavarotti, and Bocelli among others. Its famous English knock-off, "Surrender" written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman in 1961 was widely popularized by Elvis Presley.
For this parody, the difficult words in Neapolitan have been replaced by names of Presley songs and movies.
The few remaining words are similar to modern Italian and readily understood. 
e = and
guarda = see
io = I
ma = but
'o = the 
tu dice = you say


(to the tune of "Torna A Surriento" - Return to Sorrento)

Vide ‘o movie Blue Hawaii 
Moonlight Swim e Aloha ‘Oe….
One Nighte Hawaiian Wedding
Io Can’t Help Falling In Love.

Guarda, gua’ Viva Las Vegas:
Santa Lucia, Tutti Frutti,
Bello Yellow Rose of Texas,
I Need Somebody to Lean On.

E tu dice "Please Surrender"
Stuck on You e Love Me Tender,(ma)
Girls, Girls, Girls, It's Now or Never.
You Gotta Stop  Your Cheating Heart.
Ma Don’t Be Cruel;
All Shook Up,  Cryin’ in the Chapel !
Return To Se-e-ender……
Heartbreak Ho-tel !

March 19, 2024

March 17, 2024

MAR 17, Charleston garden: tractor-seat plant


a) reprise from March 2020

MAR 21, the Charleston garden: tractor-seat plant (Farfugium)

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March 16, 2024

MAR 16, American satire: intelligence


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 3, American satire: intelligence (Californians)

Authors' Note:  In the midst of the Trump-Russia investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in February 2018, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee issued the 'Nunes Memo', a four-page document that alleged that the FBI had conspired against President Donald Trump.
   Nunes has proceeded in the same vein in his later career, organizing the Republican Party’s role in the politically-charged 2019 House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings, as the Ranking Minority Member. 

 We hope that you enjoyed this verse. You can find 40 more on this topic in 5 collections on our full-service blog 'Edifying Nonsense'. Click HERE to start! 

c) current birdie-pic

red-bellied woodpecker

March 14, 2024

MAR 14, classic palindrome: no 'X' in Nixon

a) reprise from March 2020

MAR 14, classic palindrome: 'no X in Nixon'

Authors' Note: 

mike: short form for microphone, used more commonly for 'announcing', but sometimes used for 'denouncing' (condemning or attacking openly).

   Somehow, the misleading statement ‘No X in Nixon’ achieved the status of a famous palindrome. The astute analyst might realize that palindromes are inherently poor tools for orthography.

   On the other hand, here are three 'magical palindromes’ that provide correct spelling information:
No K in Nixon; no X in Nikon.
No C in iron; no R in icon.
No S in union. “No!”, in unison. 

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