June 15, 2023

JUN 15, American satire (prolongation): obstruction ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDrJJ

This verse was inspired by many previous discussions with DrJJ, centred on a country where most of our offspring, for various reasons, have settled. 

Author's Note

A.G.: Attorney General, a political appointee heading the US Department of Justice   
prez: casual term for president, used in lightweight discussion of the American political situation
Forty-Five: a sequential numbering system is used in the United States for successive holders of the elected office of President; we are currently on number Forty-Six (Joe Biden)
capo: 'head', or 'boss' in Italian, frequently used in connection with the Cosa Nostra (Mafia)

... See also the addendum to the post of June 11.
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(inspired by a birthday). Dr. JJ would be enjoying his 80th today.

at his younger bro's Bar Mitzvah


surprise party (40th anniversary) for his folks

an iconic 50th anniversary celebration

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