June 15, 2023

JUN 15, creative anachronism (Latin authors) ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDrJJ

Authors' Note: When writers distort historic timelines intentionally or inadvertently in concocting their plots, they are said to write anachronistically.
Most of the above-mentioned Roman poets have also been discussed individually elsewhere on the OEDILF site. Many of these figures have had their true Latin names altered considerably to fit our Anglo-Latin construct. Apparently, however, none of these authors adopted the limerick format in their poetry.

Along the same lines, readers are invited to review our small but growing collection of "creative anachronisms" on our blog "Edifying Nonsense" by clicking HERE.


(inspired by a birthday). Dr. JJ would be enjoying his 80th today.

at his younger bro's Bar Mitzvah


surprise party (40th anniversary) for his folks

an iconic 50th anniversary celebration

For several dozen more photos on this theme, please refer to our daily blogposts from February 5th 2022 to March 6th 2022

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