February 25, 2024

FEB 25, canal verses: the St-Martin canal, Paris


reprise from February 2020

You can discover a bunch of silly illustrated poems about canals by checking out the collection on "Edifying Nonsense" entitled "Panama Palindrome Parodies".

February 24, 2024

FEB 24, American satire (prolongation): Nikki Haley rally

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February 23, 2024

FEB 23, defining opinion: hormone

Authors' Note: The biologic term hormone includes blood-borne "messenger molecules" such as adrenaline, insulin, cortisol, prolactin, melatonin, androgens and estrogens, as well as those with more easily discerned names such as thyroid hormone, growth hormone and anti-diuretic hormone.

The reader might be surprised to learn that a sober scientific journal "Hormones and Behavior" has been editing and publishing scientific papers in this field for over 50 years.

Our blogpost "Defining Opinion" on the topic-based blog "Edifying Nonsense" shows a selection of similar verses submitted to OEDILF (the online Omnificent English Dictionary iLimerick Form). You can see all of these on one visit by clicking HERE.

February 22, 2024

FEB 22, bottom line of medical humor: gastro-intestinal pact


a) reprise from February 2020

Feb 22, bottom line of medical humor: gastro-intestinal pact

Authors' Note: The concept of a formal truce was approached by both parties following the authors' misguided indulgence in the preparation for an endoscopic procedure. 

b) incidental photo

"Me and my shadow"


February 21, 2024

FEB 21, American satire: nursery rhyme -- 'grating'


reprise from January 2020

JAN 21, American satire(1): nursery rhyme -- 'grating'

February 20, 2024

FEB 20 (2024), singable satire: Tom Lehrer sings "NO ELEMENTS"


ORIGINAL SONG: "The Elements", a parody by Tom Lehrer. 
PARODY COMPOSED: "No Elements", Giorgio Coniglio, a patter-song based on examples of the third declension of Latin nouns, April 2013. A decade later, it might be worthwhile to review these lyrics once more!

EXPLANATION: Lehrer had adapted the tune of "The Major General's Song" from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance". There are 3 somewhat different melodies/chord-sequences used in alteration through the GandS song, and in Lehrer's derived take-off.

PARODY SONGLINK: You can view these lyrics with chord indications for ukulele or guitar, if you wish to accompany your singing of these lines. But warning! It is not an easy task, particularly the singing part! Click HERE.


(to the tune of "The Elements")

Singable Introduction:
Tom Lehrer became a legend with his scientific patter-song,
More popular and loved than his unpublished “Anti-Matter Song”;
Enhancing humdrum discourse, just to quote his ode lends elegance
To conversation thrumming with the spectrum of the Elements.
We face this glum conundrum as alumni of Philology:
Lay-folk would like a list replete with Latin etymology
The possibilities for neutral nouns in -U-M loom awesome;
No need to invoke hokum terms like tantrum or opossum, chum.

Most names for elements are
 neutral Latin nouns

The Roman empire included England

A famous building in Rome



Patter-Song Lyrics:
There’s atrium, asylum, arboretum, auditorium
Compendium and modicum and rostrum, crematorium
And coliseum, quantum, condominium, euphonium
And album, acetabulum, museum, pandemonium.
There’s maximum and minimum and optimum and medium
And opium, opprobrium, colloquium and tedium
Colostrum, serum, sputum, sebum, nostrum and meconium
And sternum, talcum, labium, ovum, spermatogonium.  

Caladium, nasturtium and laburnum and geranium
And sacrum, c(a)ecum, ischium and tympanum and cranium
Consortium, memorandum, and symposium and podium
Desideratum, datum, vacuum, ultimatum, odium.

There’s pablum, perineum, paramecium, petroleum
And locum and inoculum, lyceum and linoleum
A few English words ending in -UM
 are not of Latin origin
And tritium, deuterium, trapezium and trillium
Mycelium, flagellum, endothelium and cilium.

There’s quorum and decorum, mausoleum, moratorium
And premium, per-annum, honorarium, emporium
And pendulum and forum, fulcrum, speculum, bacterium
And cerebellum, plenum, sum, curriculum, delirium.

Gymnasium and stadium and magnum and terrarium
Solarium, momentum, myocardium, aquarium
And scrotum and factotum and postpartum and continuum
And duodenum, referendum, rectum and residuum.

Addendum #1
There's stratum, alum, allium, alluvium et alia,
And mom's pouch called marsupium, but mostly in Australia.

Addendum #2
To plural them, heads swirling them, “What single rule? - please answer, Pa”.
My dictum, “Don’t inflict ‘em with erratums or chrysanthema !” 


February 19, 2024

FEB 19, waterfowl: Canada geese


a) reprise from February, 2020

FEB 19, waterfowl: Canada geese

b) updated birdie-pic

occasional aggressive stance adopted by a Canada goose

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February 18, 2024

FEB 18, pathos and poetry (gun control): Second Amendment rights


reprise from February 2020

FEB 18, pathos and poetry (gun control verse): Second Amendment rights


February 17, 2024

FEB 17, wordplay maps: American Scramble-towns 1,2

a) reprise from February 2020 

FEB 17, wordplay maps: American Scramble-towns 1,2

Who would ever have guessed? It turns out that an unparalleled word in generating anagrams (letter scrambles) is P-A-L-I-N-D-R-O-M-E-S. We have taken advantage of that property to create this unique series of wordplay maps of imaginary American (and Canadian) locales, each one completed by its official two-letter state (or provincial) abbreviation. 

Forward to U.S.A. map #3

b) current scene: sunny February day

February 16, 2024

FEB 16, non-sequitur: epistaxis


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 16, non-sequitur: epistaxis

 Here's a verse that exemplifies use of the prefix EPI- ...

Authors' Note
peccadillo: loan-word from Spanish meaning 'little sin’
epistaxis (eh-pih-STAK-sihs): bleeding from the nostrils

b) birdie-pic (from last summer)

blue jay

February 15, 2024

FEB 15, the origin of "bloggerel": part#2 -- wordplay and photography

WORDPLAY: Like most writers and editors we love words. They are the basis of many of our song lyrics and poems. One of the greatest elements of wordplay is rhyme, a fact that provides some explanation for our persistence in lyrics and poetry. You will find a fair amount of better-defined wordplay on our blogs, including foreign-language borrowings, palindromes and anagrams. In certain cases we have gone to extremes, including "magic" palindromes, anagram wordplay-maps, and spoofs on classic palindromes, etymology and grammar rules. Because these activities consume a lot of time and effort, we have often been drawn to describe them in verse, posting those on the OEDILF site for editing and publication. And, although we are likely to have initiated a fair proportion of the "new" concoctions, we have not attributed them,as such material is lurking and waiting to be found among the letters and words, rather than "created".        

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dr.G.H. spent the latter part of his professional career dealing with the interpretation of low-resolution nuclear images in medical diagnosis. So we have a deep interest in visual documentation whose technique renders the key features obvious. For spontaneous nature photography on bicycle expeditions the cell-phone-camera is an obvious choice for portability, although resolution at a distance is an issue. Most of our photographs have been obtained with an i-phone 13, whose "live" feature provides an advance when the subject is moving. These photos enhance the "life-experience" nature of the posted material. On occasion, to make a point in a multi-media display, we borrow a relevant photo from the web, these are flagged by the term "web-photo", with colour coding of the text background, but space generally does not allow or mandate a full disclosure of the source. The reader is asked to please check these out, if indicated.  

February 14, 2024

FEB 14, holidays and celebrations: Valentine's day

a) reprise 

"The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin, marble, 1882
(photo by G.C. at Rodin Museum, Paris, 2019)

b) current scene: Valentine's Day Solicitation (the young lady's hand-made sign notifies rush-hour drivers on the adjacent bridge, "I love you".)

February 13, 2024

FEB 13, classic palindrome -- 'never odd or even'

a) reprise from February, 2020

FEB 13, classic palindrome: 'never odd or even'

Authors' Note: 

odd or even: binary classification of whole real numbers, related to basic counting, as in the idiomatic ‘counting sheep’ remedy for insomnia
never odd or even: classic palindrome that seems to revel, perhaps excessively, in the profusion of numbers that cannot be classified by the above simple scheme

You can review these illustrated verses in a wider context by proceeding to 'Reversing Verse: Limericks About Classic Palindromes' on the full-service blog 'Edifying Nonsense'.

 b) current birdie-pic

house sparrow

February 12, 2024

FEB 12, magical palindromes: examples #6 to #10


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 12, magical palindromes: examples #6 to #10

You can become an expert fan of our wordplay concoction 'magical palindromes' by reviewing the explanatory material found in ancient days on our full-service blog "Edifying NonsenseHERE; then, you could check how we applied this technique to 'canal palindromes' by viewing this more recent post.

b) current birdie-pic

goldfinch, female 

February 11, 2024

FEB 11, American satire: intelligence


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 3, American satire: intelligence (Californians)

Authors' Note:  In the midst of the Trump-Russia investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in February 2018, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee issued the 'Nunes Memo', a four-page document that alleged that the FBI had conspired against President Donald Trump.
   Nunes has proceeded in the same vein in his later career, organizing the Republican Party’s role in the politically-charged 2019 House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings, as the Ranking Minority Member. 

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b) current birdie-pic

red-bellied woodpecker

February 10, 2024

FEB 10 (2024), singable satire: The Eagles sing "BROKEN ARROW"


ORIGINAL SONG:  "Desperado", The Eagles, 1973. "Desperado" is also the name of the second studio album recorded by the band. 
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, March 2018.
PARODY-WORDLINK: Another take on the episode related here has been twisted into limerick verse in Giorgio's 3-stanza poem HERE
PARODY-SONGLINK: The same tune was used as the vehicle for a parody song posted in 2014 entitled "Macadamias".
To find ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany this song on your favorite instrument, click HERE.


(to the tune of "Desperado")

"Broken Arrow" - Why don't we drop the pretenses
The Department of Defense has hidden truth 'til now.
Hardened warheads (or just training simulation),
And the trigger didn't detonate the payload somehow.

We're talking Cold War '58, and a farm near Florence in our rural state.
Air pocket, training crew, bomber overhead.
They lost control of a big device
A nuclear explosion wouldn't be nice.
Had it triggered, folks in Florence'd all be dead.

"Broken Arrow" - from the heavens bomb tumbled.
When A-bombs are fumbled, there's no time for alarm.
Flattened farmhouse, and left a 30-foot crater, but
No plutonium detonater, so 'no serious harm'.

Just months before, off the Georgia shore, two Air Force planes collided;
Never found, an H-bomb ditched into the sea.
Plutonium capsule had been removed (official account's not yet disproved)
Near Tybee Island, the device rests quietly.

Broken Arrows - there are dozens of examples.
The evidence is ample, we should close off this gate.
World leaders, we're needing
Diplomatic moderation.
Let's halt reckless provocation, reckless provocation,
Let's stop arms proliferation before it's too late.

February 9, 2024

FEB 9, defining opinion: housewife


Our blogpost "Defining Opinion" on the topic-based blog "Edifying Nonsense" shows a selection of similar verses submitted to OEDILF (the online Omnificent English Dictionary iLimerick Form). You can see all of these on one visit by clicking HERE.

February 8, 2024

FEB 8, wordplay maps: new world palindromes (#5,#6)


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 8, wordplay maps: new world palindromes (#5,#6)

You can view the entire collection of these 50 wordplay maps, by accessing the collection 'Tourists Palindromic Guides: The Americas'. Start by clicking HERE

b) current birdie-pics

bluebird window strikes
resumed  despite marker installation.
intentional, maladapted behaviour?

bluebird silhouette

February 7, 2024

FEB 7, poets' corner: the depressed limericist


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 10, poets' corner: the depressed poet

Authors' Note: In the above limerick verse, dehiscitude (reminiscent of 'dehiscence'), and remissitude (reminiscent of being 'remiss' in the sense of 'culpable') are neologisms (word concoctions) invented by the author. Wound dehiscence, or 'failure of primary (wound) closure', is a feared surgical complication, found mostly in the province of abdominal surgeons and trauma surgeons; it seldom affects the professional practice of psychiatrists or limericists. 

You can find lots of other verses on this blog under the listing "Poets' Corner".  Click HERE. 

b) current birdie-pic

ongoing problems with window strikes:
a pair of apparently deranged bluebirds