March 31, 2023

Mar 31, "pictures at a renovation": demolition, day#1

Yesterday was demolition day #1. See below for a photo-tour. 

Click HERE to get some information on the demolition plan and to see a few pics of the pre-renovation suite.

Authors' Note: Contractors will describe the first phase of your tired old home's renovation as demolition, forgetting that, to the sensitive older homeowner, that term may conjure up visions of damage caused by aerial bombing, earthquakes or cyclones. In fact, we now have photos showing that the removal of half-century old linoleum tiles, popcorn ceilings and built-in cabinets may require almost that much destruction. We give thanks for the invention of the dumpster, and hope that things will look better in the next phase. 

Here are some pics from the first day of the demolition-in-progress. We hope to follow up with further views as they become available.  

front hall




master BR

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