May 7, 2023

MAY 7, "pictures at a renovation": fourth week


You can follow the whole arduous undertaking by scrolling back through our earlier posts (you can also click these dates for direct transport back to see the previous "pictures at a renovation"). The earlier posts show the demolition phase, and that may be of particular interest for many viewers.

And, check out the project-planning stage, elucidated in photos and verse, on March 19, and March 27.

The current status: 
front hall
(door to closet on R being closed up)

hall extension
(proceeding toward LR/DR)

kitchen(1) and breakfast nook

kitchen (2)
(raised ceiling re-plastered, floor tiled)

(walls restored)

"new" laundry/utility room
(tiled, walls under construction)

coat closet
(expanded, 'moved')

new office
(walls under construction)

master bath
(shower and floor now tiled)

guest bath
(walls being restored)

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