June 14, 2023

* JUN 14, political palindromes; B


reprise from 2020

JUN 14, political palindromes, B

These palindromic phrases have a hinge-point unpaired letter in the very middle, e.g. the "T in 'TRAIL' in the first example. The hingepoint is the only letter that is not reflected by its mate in the opposite wing of the structure; and the total number of letters in such examples is always odd (e.g. 9 letters for 'liar trail'). Again, the punctuation is to be downplayed.  

From this point, you can proceed either forwards or backwards.

For FORWARD, proceed to the next set of 'POLITICAL PALINDROMES' on June 21.

For BACKWARD, return to the original post on this topic on May 17.

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