June 13, 2023

JUN 13, "pictures at a renovation": final posting


You can journey back through the whole arduous undertaking by scrolling back through our earlier posts (you can also click these dates for direct transport back to see the previous views). The earliest posts show the demolition phase, and that may be of particular interest to many viewers.
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April 16: demolition phase
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April 4: demolition phase
March 31: demolition phase
And, check out the project-planning stage, elucidated in photos and verse, on March 19, and March 27.

Current status: Lots of progress! But, this will be the final photo-collage posted on this topic. If you would like to see the final result, give us a few more weeks, and then arrange to come by! 

vestibule, entrance to fronthall closet
 and 'new' office

office, view back to main hall

guest bathroom

studio, storing appliances

balcony, with some residual mouldings etc,
 needing some cleaning up

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