September 30, 2022

SEP 30, limerick variations: epitomy

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September 28, 2022

SEP-28, spineless verse (invertebrates): chelipods



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September 27, 2022

SEP 27, defining opinion: diaphoretic


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September 26, 2022

SEP 26, organic brain poetry: CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)

 This is consecutive daily post #1000 on this blog!!!

ROSH HASHANAH: To Jewish friends, L' shanah tovah! 

Authors' Note:  Although military recruits and physically abused spouses also number among the victims of this disease of insidious onset, (characteristically diagnosed with certainty only at post-mortem examination), it is the scourge of those who earlier in life indulged in contact sports, particularly those with a risk of repetitive minor brain trauma.

Everything that you wanted to know about chronic traumatic encephalopathy can be found in the author's note appended to MikeAq's verse on the subject.
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September 25, 2022

SEP 25, classic palindrome: 'step on no pets'

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September 24, 2022

SEP 24, toxic vignette: antifreeze (ethylene glycol) poisoning

Authors' Note  Poisoning with sweet-smelling ethylene glycol is a common toxic problem for humans and pets owing to its wide commercial distribution in products including antifreeze and windshield washer fluid.

 Discovered in 1958, denatonium benzoate (sold under various tradenames, including Bitrex), tastes unbearably bitter to most mammals, even in low concentations, but is not apparently harmful otherwise. It has been used to prevent ingestion of a variety of consumer products. In 2012, all American manufacturers of antifreeze voluntarily agreed to add denatonium to these liquids in order to reduce fatal poisonings.

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September 23, 2022

SEP 23, news-post: Fore! (Letitia's civil lawsuit)

FORE! (Letitia's Civil Lawsuit)

At the tee, brave Letitia yelled, "Fore!",

Strode the fairway to even the score.

"Donald's trapped in the sand;

As we've planned, he'll be banned

From playing this course any more."

(Folks suspected this drama before.)

 Giorgio Coniglio, 2022

online photo

Author's Note:
The golfing terms fore!, and fairway are explained in other OEDILF verses.

In September 2022, Letitia James, Attorney General of the state of New York initiated a civil lawsuit against the Trump Corporation and its executives (the former 45th American president and three of his children) for longstanding business malfeasance including bank, insurance and tax fraud.

September 22, 2022

SEP 22, braincheck: hippocampus

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September 20, 2022

SEP 20 (2022), singable satire: Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "The BALLAD of GIULIANI", part #1


ORIGINAL SONG: The Ballad of Davy Crockett , by Bruns and Blackburn, Walt Disney Studios 1954, anthem of the "Crockett craze". Several versions of the song were prominent on the Top Ten in 1955.
Rudy Giuliani
Youtube versions of the song by several performers are available via links to...
Tennessee Ernie Ford 
SATIRE COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, June 2018.
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PARODY-SONGLINK: To access ukulele chord-charts to help you accompany "The Ballad of Giuliani, part #1" on your favorite instrument, click HERE.
BACKGROUND INFO: Max Boot's opinion-editorial appeared in our local newspaper on May 8, 2018, under the heading "The long, disappointing fall of Rudy Giuliani". Here is the link to the particular newspaper column.
Other takes on Giuliani's statements about the Presidents' legal and personal imbroglios are given by Jennifer Rubin HERE, and Amy Sorkin HERE. However, this first part of the song deals with the more positive earlier portion of this flamboyant leaders' life-story.

The BALLAD of GIULIANI, part#1

(to the tune of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett")

Rudy Giuliani!
Voice of those wild Trump Years! 

Born in East Flatbush, down in NYC,
'Greenhorn' family from Tuscany.
Dad done time in Sing Sing for robbery,
An' Rudy volunteered for Robert Kennedy.
Rudy Giuliani,
Voice of those wild Trump Years!

At Manhattan College, took philosophy.
Enter the priesthood? "No, that's not for me!"
Studied Law at New York University,
To graduate cum laude with J.D. degree.
Rudy Giuliani,
Startin' up his career. 

To prosecute felons gave him a thrill.
Though tactics like the 'perp walk' were 'overkill'
As U.S. Attorney he showed great skill.
His record of convictions is unequalled still.
Rudy Giuliani,
Outshone his legal peers.

He fought single-handed through the Mafia Wars.
Racketeering mobsters he did abhor. 
Put their capos behind bars, and settled the score, 
And RICOed* inside traders, and convicted more.
Fearless Rudy launchin'
His politickin' career.

Two terms as Mayor start in '93.
First Repub. in office there since John Lindsay.
Libs felt queezy with the GOP, but he
Cleaned the streets, cut crime, and folks said "That's for me!"
Rudy Giuliani,
The Big Apple's brigadier. 

He craved a Senate seat; to lose was gall.
'Specially to Hillary, he'd hate to fall.
But marital scandal, and a doctor's call,
And bad race relations triggered his withdrawal.
Rudy Giuliani,
Back in the Mayor's chair. 

Rudy was the guy in charge when Towers fell.
At Ground Zero visited and stayed a spell.
Folks felt he handled the disaster well,
And was honored by the Queen as I've heard tell.
Rudy Giuliani!
Time's Person-of-the-Year.

Rudy Giuliani!
Time's Person-of-the-Year.

* RICO - The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.   

SEP 20, hellenophilia: approaching Santorini


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September 19, 2022

SEP 19, death and the afterlife: garbage disposal in Heaven

Authors' Note: You may have gathered that the editors think that Heaven is a bureaucracy-ridden place. So, of course, as a resident there you may  have to fill out a lot of documentation to obtain permission to import Earthworms and related paraphernalia. 

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September 18, 2022

SEP 18, curtained verse: braless

EDITORS' WARNING: You must be at least 12 years of age to read this post! 

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September 17, 2022

SEP 17, palinku (poetic novelty): schoolboy humor #1



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September 15, 2022

SEP 15, Italian loanwords: vendetta

For this verse we must acknowledge the inspiration of "The Flea and the Fly", a verse of unknown authorship, sometimes mistakenly attributed to Ogden Nash. You can read more about this issue HERE.

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September 14, 2022

SEP 14, Ontario nostalgia: native cactus


 hidden cactus corner:
Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Authors' Note: Species of plants belonging to the cactus family are native only to America. Although they are generally heat-loving, a few species of the genus Opuntia are sufficiently cold-tolerant to live in parts of Canada. One of these, the eastern prickly pearOpuntia humifusa, thrives in the US in dry areas such as along beaches on the Atlantic coastline, and some inland areas. At the northern limit of its range, in areas along the Great Lakes in Ontario (located centrally in Canada), this species has been susceptible to territory loss by severe winter storms and is now considered locally endangered. Three other species of low-growing cacti are still flourishing in the prairie provinces of western Canada.

There's a different story in other parts of the globe, where these and related species were relocated by human activities during and after the sixteenth century. Owing to their edible summer fruit, prickly pears are tolerated as invasives in parts of South Africa, southern Europe, Polynesia, South America, etc. However, the cochineal insect that feeds on the cactus in Mexico can be ground to produce a valuable brilliant red dye kmown as carmine or cochineal. British colonists established a cactus plantation in New South Wales in the early 1800s to supply a nascent dye industry. With hospitable conditions, sandy warm soil, there and in Queensland, these an other host cactuses spread quickly and vigorously, taking over a huge chunk of grazing and horticultural terrain, and are now prohibited throughout the island continent.

                                                  web-photo: Australian cactus infestation 

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September 13, 2022

SEP 13, pluralia tantum: 'condolences'


Authors' Note: The above verse provides several further examples of the grammatical phenomenon pluralia tantumAn idiom associated with providing condolences for the family and friends of a single deceased person is to 'pay one's final respects'.

  Grandpa Greg asked us to pass on this message: "You can view the entire collection of verses about 'pluralia tantum' by clicking HERE." 

September 12, 2022

SEP 12, numbers: a dozen (12)

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September 11, 2022

SEP 11, planet-saving verse: the fishmonger


Authors' Note:   As stocks around the planet have suffered from overfishing, the price of fresh wild fish has mounted incessantly. As of 2016, aquaculture has apparently resulted in over 50% of the global supply of this foodstuff, both marine and freshwater varieties. 

  Carp, catfish, Atlantic salmon and tilapia are the leading four types of fish currently involved, with recent improvements in the quality and reliability of farmed flatfish (turbot, flounder, halibut, etc.).

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September 10, 2022

SEP 10, a brief saga (organic brain poetry): beriberi and alcohol

Authors' Note: Wernicke's encephalopathy is a brain disorder that often occurs in the context of binge-drinking in poorly nourished alcoholics. As its characteristic manifestations abate, generally following hospital admission, symptoms of an overlapping condition known as Korsakoff's syndrome may become evident. These consist of various types of memory failure, with prominent confabulation (grandiose storytelling, as part of identity-amnesia). Together the two patterns are described as Wernicke-Korsakoff illness. The treatment for both stages is high-dose thiamine (vitamin B1), administered either intravenously or intramuscularly.
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 For the purpose of this blog, a 'brief saga' is defined as a poem, usually narrative, but occasionally expository, that tell its story in at least 15 lines. Most commonly, the format involves three stanzas in limerick form, constituting a single submission to the online humor site 'Omnificent English Dictionary iLimerick Form'. On the OEDILF site, rigorous standards for content and format are involved in a collaborative editing process that may take several weeks to over a year. 

 There are now over 40 of these lengthier bits of doggerel featured at OEDILF in Giorgio's "Author's Showcase". The OEDILF number for each accepted multiverse poem is shown here on the slide with its first verse. We have been blog-publishing these poetic adventures here monthly since January 2020.

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September 9, 2022

SEP 9, ecto-parasites: cat fleas

Authors' Note: (tee-no-seh-FA-li-deez FEE-luhs)
As discussed in our previous verse on fleas, our voracious protagonist, Ctenocephalides felis, is the chief ectoparasite inflicting misery on canines in North America. Unfortunately, its life-cycle — egg, larva, pupa, adult (the hopping wingless blood-sucker), can result in its persistence for up to a year in a warm environment, like the carpet in your rented flat (apartment). In the absence of its usual victims, the flea will consider humans as a predation target of secondary interest. Another piece of bad news is that, through longstanding attempts at control, the species is becoming resistant to insecticides.

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