June 15, 2022

JUN 15, doctors and their practices: ophthalmologist sibling xxxxxxxxxxxx Dr. JJ

 A nostalgic recollection inspired by a birthday. Dr. JJ would be enjoying his 79th today.

Dr JJ, in tub, on left, 1947

'The 3 boys' with their Mom, Dr JJ at left

at his younger bro's Bar Mitzvah


surprise party (40th anniversary) for his folks

an iconic 50th anniversary celebration`

a decade ago, a more intimate family gathering

Editors' Note: This blog has portrayed daily humour, entertainment and contemplation, focusing on the modalities of poetry, nature photography and computer art, for two and a half years. (That's almost 900 blogposts.) Unfortunately, that takes a lot of work, and so this stuff may be appearing irregularly and less frequently in the future. Owing to 'writer's block' and a number of distractions, there will be less frequent original new posts from today onward. My previously productive pseudonym, Giorgio, is currently undergoing relaxation therapy, and might resume his ful creative activities at some future point.
  In the meantime, we will try to post more photos of interest, and fill in half of the days each month with reprises of previously published material. In that regard, you might want to take another look at December 25's 'A Brief Personal Bio', a post dealing with family events of 80 years ago. We have added some photos to that post just this week, and more may be forthcoming!    

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