June 14, 2022

JUN 14, mammalian wildlife: Steller sea lions

Authors' Note:  A falling birth rate  (along with ongoing hunting) has been proposed as a principal factor in the decline in the last century of Pacific Ocean populations of the Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus. Although wanton polygamy has, to be honest, always been an option for females of this species of magnificent marine mammals, the particular efforts of concerned individuals like our heroine Bella may have contributed to a recent recovery.

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Inside-Passager: otarines telling
Tales from rocks where sea lions were dwelling:
Seems polygamous fellers
Bumped up stocks of the Stellers.
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It's historical fiction, compelling!

otarine: member of the family of eared seals, primarily including sea lions

A falling birth-rate (along with ongoing hunting) has been proposed as a major factor in the worrisome decline in the last century of populations of Steller sea lions. Wanton polygamy has always been the modus for this species of magnificent marine mammals, including the novel's author who has written her account under the pseudonym Stella. More recently, with bans on hunting, and ongoing efforts by leaders of the eastern population (that inhabits rocky outcroppings around the Inside Passage), there has been some recovery. The western population (ranging from the Gulf of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and across the Pacific to Japan) remains significantly endangered.

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