March 31, 2024

MAR 31, lowcountry excursion: Brookgreen Gardens, SC

The largest sculpture garden in the United States, Brookgreen Gardens  was founded in 1931; it has on display some 1500 outdoor sculptures in an incredible natural setting located at Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. 

visit to Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

"The Saint James Triad", bronze sculpture 1997,
Richard McDermott Miller 

"Torse de Femme", limestone sculpture 1989,
David Klass

"Time and the Fates of Man", bronze 1939,
Paul Manship

visitor admiring Spanish moss

a quiet, floral corner

"Pegasus", granite 1954,
Laura Gardin Fraser

"Girl with Squirrel", 
Sylvia Shaw Judson

"Diana of the Chase", bronze 1922,
Anna Hyatt Huntington

Other Brookgreen Gardens statuary has been used to illustrate a number of verses and song-lyrics on this blog-site. Interested readers might want to review. ..

"Egad! No bondage!" verse, Terminal (poetic) exclamation  
"Three Bears in our Hot-Tub", parody-song lyrics, link available after April 30, 2024.
"Leda and the Swan", verse, Mythed opportunities
"Aurora and Tithonus", verse, Mythed opportunities

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