March 25, 2024

MAR 25, holidays and celebrations: Greek Evzones (Greek Independence Day)

a) reprise from March 2020:

MAR 25, holidays and celebrations: Greek Independence Day


Authors' Note:

evzone: (EHV-zohn, anglicized form), member of an elite unit drawn from the Hellenic Army Infantry Corps

Grand Change: a more elaborate version of the hourly changing of the guard that takes place on Sunday mornings at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens' Syntagma Square, providing a popular photo-op for locals and tourists

Kleft (KLEHFT): Greek fighter in the War of Independence

fustanella: kilt made from 30 meters of white cotton, supposedly with 400 pleats to represent each of the years of Ottoman occupation

Greek natives, members of the diaspora and general enthusiasts might also enjoy our collection of illustrated verses on the subject of "Hellenophilia".  


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