September 4, 2020

SEP 4, non-sequitur: autophagia

Authors' Note:

 -some (SOHM, sometimes ZOHM): Greek suffix for an 
intracellular body, or organelle, e.g. chromosome or lysosome
-phagia, or -phagy: Greek suffix for eating, or consumption
lysis: term of Greek origin for destruction or disintegration
lysosome: cellular organelle adapted to the destruction of extracellular material which has been internalized
autophagosome: membranous organelle that entraps targeted intracellular components, later merging with lysosomes for degradation and recycling of these components; their role in cell defence and in disease causation is under investigation

 And, HERE's a verse about autophagia explaining use of the term to describe a rare and gruesome phenomenon. 

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