March 28, 2022

MAR 28, mammalian wildlife: California sea lions

Ed. Note: This poem had initially been concocted with an upcoming trip to California in mind.

Authors' Note:  The California sea lion, Zalophus californianus, native of the west coast of North America, has increased in population considerably in recent years.  The marine mammal is sexually dimorphic, with males larger in size and having more commanding vocal abilities than the females. Both genders are larger and more socially active than the true 'earless' seals, which can move on land only by scooting on their bellies.

   Sea lions are highly intelligent, and positioning their front flippers, they can support themselves in a 'four-legged' walk; their ability to learn and perform tricks has given them a role as the (misnamed) 'circus seal'.

Follow-up note: As is often the case, e.g. with bears or raccoons, feeding wild animals can result in untoward behaviour. On our subsequent two-week visit to California in early April 2022, we saw no such disreputable behavior by sea lions (but it must be admitted that we saw no sea lions, although we certainly heard them barking, particularly around the piers at Monterey). 

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