January 29, 2024

JAN 29, magical palindromes: introductory poem, with a few examples


a) reprise from January 2020 

JAN 29, magical palindromes: introductory poem and examples #1 to #5

b) current birdie-pics (repeated window strikes):   Almost with the timing suggested by the video, a foolish pair of Eastern bluebirds repeatedly attempted to fly from their perching spot atop the birdfeeder's crook, through the upper part of our dining-room window; this despite our attempt to cut down the reflection of the sky behind the feeder and the false appearance of a nesting space in the interior. Finally, the feeder was removed from the crook, and the drama ended. See further posts for the follow-up.

bluebird repeatedly trying to fly through the dining-room window

temporary "cure":
markers on window to prevent bird strikes

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