January 20, 2024

JAN 20 (2024), singable satire: Dean Martin sings "ROBBIE BURNS' DAY"


PARODY-SONG: "Dean Martin Sings Robbie Burns Day" 2024, a parody pastiche with lyrics by Giorgio Coniglio, substituted to "That's Amore", the Dean Martin 1953 classic.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, December, 2018, updated from earlier blogposts, and with improved verse-charts. 

Explanatory Notes: Robert Burns, born 1759, became Scotland’s ‘national poet’, and a cultural icon at home and among Scottish diaspora around the world. In his short life - he died at age 37 -  he wrote hundreds of well-loved poems and songs; the most famous is Auld Lang Syne, traditionally sung on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve). Robbie Burns Day is celebrated on his birthday, January 25, often with a Burns Night supper
Burns' best-loved poems include "To a Mouse", "To a Louse", "Tam o' Shanter", "Parcel o' Rogues", and "Address to a Haggis".

PARODY-SONGLINK: To find ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany "Robbie Burns Day" on your favorite instrument, click HERE.

Robert Burns 


(to the tune of "That's Amore")

INTRO (Tremolo)
In Aberdeen and overseas
Kilt-wearers freeze below the knees.....

When friends honor the haggis and flag of St Andrews - 
That's Burns Day.
First you’re piped to your place, they intone Selkirk’s Grace -
Robbie Burns Day.

Cock-a-leekie soup, cook will boast, address-by-the-host,
Offer toasts to the haggis.
The Saltire, or St Andrews cross
You think, “oops!” – dinner-wasn’t-cheap, eat tatties an neeps *,
Hope to sleep through the speeches.

Poems recite –- Mouse-that-gets-a-fright, Louse that’s-in-plain-sight,
Witches’ night – "Tam o’ Shanter"
Greed retold, Scotland’s future sold, England’s bribing-gold,
"‘Parcel o’ Rogues"  - truth or slander?

With slurred speech you sound Scottish, sipped Scotch ‘til you’re sottish - 
That's Burns Day.
Yes, you’ve downed too much malt, might be mostly your fault -
You feel plough'd.

Finally guests’ vote of thanks, you chant, closing your ranks
Like Hogmanay.
Let the world praise today the auld Bard o’ Alloway -
Robbie Burns Day!

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