January 16, 2024

JAN 16, visit to the National Gallery of Art

John Ward, "The Northern Whale Fishery", 1840 

Edouard Manet, "The Old Musician", 1862 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, "Pont-neuf, Paris", 1872

Alfred Sisley, "The Meadow", 1875 

Gustave Caillebotte, "Skiffs", 1877

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, "Oarsmen at Chatou", 1879

Mary Cassatt, "The Loge", 1879

Georges Seurat, "The Lighthouse at Honfleur", 1886

Mary Cassatt, "The Boating Party", 1893

Camille Pissarro,
"The Louvre - afternoon, rainy weather", 1902 

Mary Cassatt, "Woman with a Sunflower", 1905

snowy Washington street
on the morning of departure

high tea at a DC hotel
 prior to the Gallery visit

 Editors' Note: You can view illustrated verses about some of the artists by clicking HERE.  

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