May 4, 2023

* MAY 4, limerick variations -- multi-verse universe

 reprise from 2020

MAY 4, limerick variations: the multi-verse universe

Authors' Note  The authors can box themselves into writing single defining limericks in the standard format used at OEDILF, the collaborative online humor dictionary, and have done so several hundred times. However, they delight in multi-verse limericks which provide a richer space for development of plot lines, contrasts and examples. Currently (April 2023), Giorgio’s ‘Author's Showcase' at the OEDILF website displays 80 multi-verse entries. 

This blogsite has close to thirty poems each with three or more verses in 'limerrhoid' format. We have dubbed these lengthy poetic undertakings 'brief sagas', and that is the name under which you can search for them on these pages. To do that, use the 'widget' in the right-hand column, clearly labelled "Search This Blog". 

You can review our entire collection of poems on the topic of "Limerick Variations" as compiled on our more encyclopedic blog "Edifying Nonsense", by clicking HERE.  

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