January 11, 2023

JAN 11, non-sequitur: more-or-less kosher foods



In the restaurant called 'Marsha's Noshery'

You'll love fressing by golly and goshery:

All our dishes our 'safe' --

We don't often serve treif,

But we won't guarantee the food's kashery.

Dr G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2022

Authors' Note: 

fress: a Yiddish loanword for eating with vigor, whole-heartedly, as explained HERE

treif (TRAYF): Yiddish for foods expressly prohibited under the laws of Kahshrut, including pork and shellfish

kasher: synonym used in Israel and Sephardic venues elsewhere for the Ashkenazi word kosher; the regulations involving foodstuff are quite complex, and in addition to the prohibitions mandate separation of particular allowed sources, e.g. meat and dairy; Kashery (noun and adjective) is the author's personal neologism.

It is suggested that those concerned about a particular eatery should consult with their spiritual advisor. 

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