September 1, 2022

SEP 1, mythed opportunities: Ovid's "Metamorphoses"


"Metamorphoses" -- born in Sulmona,

Where Ovidio dreamt he would own a

Collection of myths,

With a personal twist:

His anthology's tops in Ancona;

It's a hit from Milan to Verona!

(Get his app for your laptop or phone-a.) 

Dr G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2022

Authors' Note: Sulmona is a town in Italy's Abruzzo region where the renowned Roman poet Ovid (Ovidio in modern italian), contemporary of Horace and Virgil, started writing his works in Latin. His magnum opus "Metamorphoses" is a monumental epic of 15 books, recounting chronologically the creation of the universe to the reign of Julius Caesar. Although many of its tales are recounted with a personal twist, it is the source of much of our knowledge of Greco-Roman myth, 

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