September 26, 2022

SEP 26, organic brain poetry: CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)

 This is consecutive daily post #1000 on this blog!!!

ROSH HASHANAH: To Jewish friends, Le shanah tovah! 


There's a latent disease jocks should dread:

CTE — caused by blows to the head.

It's like Alzheimer's (early),

You're confused and act surly.

Diagnosis? That's made when you're dead.

Contact sports are the field that you tread?
Tackle being an announcer instead.

Although military recruits and physically abused spouses also number among the victims of this disease of insidious onset, (characteristically diagnosed with certainty only at post-mortem examination), it is the scourge of those who earlier in life indulged in contact sports, particularly those with a risk of repetitive minor brain trauma.

Everything that you wanted to know about chronic traumatic encephalopathy can be found in the author's note appended to MikeAq's verse on the subject.

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