February 7, 2024

FEB 7, poets' corner: the depressed limericist


a) reprise from February 2020

FEB 10, poets' corner: the depressed poet

Authors' Note: In the above limerick verse, dehiscitude (reminiscent of 'dehiscence'), and remissitude (reminiscent of being 'remiss' in the sense of 'culpable') are neologisms (word concoctions) invented by the author. Wound dehiscence, or 'failure of primary (wound) closure', is a feared surgical complication, found mostly in the province of abdominal surgeons and trauma surgeons; it seldom affects the professional practice of psychiatrists or limericists. 

You can find lots of other verses on this blog under the listing "Poets' Corner".  Click HERE. 

b) current birdie-pic

ongoing problems with window strikes:
a pair of apparently deranged bluebirds

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