November 9, 2023

NOV 9, bi-lyrical verse: 'a poet and his bros' (DTy)

a) reprise from November 2020

NOV 10, bi-lyrical limerick: 'a poet and his bros'

 Authors' note: We (i.e. Dr. G.H. and his registered pseudonym Giorgio) have two brothers who have each written a textbook in his chosen field of endeavour. Our personal choice, however, is to indulge in the delights of poetry, using rhyme rather than free verse as our preferred modality.  

Be sure to check out the whole collection of 'bi-lyrical limericks' by proceeding to "Edifying Nonsense." CLICK HERE ! 
reminiscence of South Carolina

b) Decorative Touches 

 fabric art by R.C.H., presented with thanks

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