November 1, 2023

NOV 1, objectionable adjectives: horrible

 Authors' Note:  Horrible (like its close cousins terrible and frightful) has become a difficult term to define. Originally meaning full of horror, or capable of engendering horror, it can now be applied in two opposing directions.

Some readers will be itching to sing the above verse. Here's our suggestion as to how to do it, using the well-known tune of "Home on the Range", slightly modified to fit the situation. Have fun !!! 

Horrible    (uke chords: E9 = 1222; A9 = 0102);


This Oct[D]ober my [D7]poems won't be [G]snorable [Gm]

Grisly, [D]gruesome. they're [E9] terribly [A7]gorable.

Critics, [D]reading at [D7]night,

Can't a[G]void taking [Gm]fright --

They'll con[D]demn them as [A9]"Hallowe'en-[D]horrible."


Next [D]month dispo[G]sitions are [D]sunny;

With Thanks
[E9]giving-fest sweeter than [A7]honey.

Critics [D]won't be an[D7]noyed;

They'll de[G]light, over[Gm]joyed

At my [D]verse they'll term [A7]"horribly [D]funny".

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