June 20, 2022

JUN 20, organic brain poetry: organic and non-organic


Schizophrenic disease, anxious panic,

Or depressive thoughts cycling with manic.

Such disorders endogenous

(No cause that's exogenous) —

Your shrink terms these ills non-organic.

Does your body feel like you're half-dead?

Can drug side-effects mess with your head?

A meticulous shrink:

"It's organic, I think.

Get a medical workup instead."

A psychiatric workup for mental disorders starts with the separation of causality into two streams. In the first, brain function, thoughts and behavior may be altered by subtle or unusual manifestations of disease in body systems outside the brain — these are sometimes termed exogenous. In the second stream, manifestations are attributable to disorder of the brain itself (usually of unknown cause) in patterns reflective of neurosis, schizophrenia and depressive illness. In somewhat archaic, but still utilized descriptions, psychiatrists may refer to this distinction as indicating organic versus non-organic mental disorders. 

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