March 31, 2022

MAR 31, excursions: Oakland, CA

plaque at Heinold's Saloon, founded 1883,
Jack London Square

The saloon had been patronized by iconic American writers such as  Oakland resident Jack London and visiting guru Robert Louis Stevenson. 

statue at Lake Merritt,
evoking the aboriginal myth (Ohlone/Castanoan)
of a sea monster

In a recent rehabilitative project, Lake Merritt, landlocked during the period of development, has had its connection to  San Francisco Bay restored.

drum circle near lake Merritt

Australian teatree, planted in the first decade of the last century,
part of an arboretum function

black-capped night heron

Lake Merritt is claimed to be the US's first wildlife refuge.

a greater scaup, more or less

a great number of scaups and other waterfowl congregate at the lake

trail-break at the nearby Reinhardt Redwoods Park


a resident socializes with visitors

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