March 4, 2022

MAR 4, doctors and their practices: (ED) lifelong learning

verse in honour of Dr. JJ, whose love of life included comedy and the music of poetry ...

Authors' Note:  The rapid pace of scientific and technical developments in the field of medicine makes ongoing education for physicians essential. Moreover, regulatory bodies, conscious of public perception, promulgate standards for current best practices. ‘Maintenance of competence’, recertification’ and ‘lifelong learning’ have become buzzwords.

  The serendipitous discovery in 1989 of the use of sildenafil (eventually marketed by Pfizer in 1998 as Viagra, 'a little blue pill' for erectile dysfunction) ushered in an era in which post-graduate medical conferences often featured updates on this now-treatable common disorder. The putative distribution of drug samples to lecture attendees is apocryphal.

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Incidental Photo:

Dr.JJ on reader's left, 1947

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