January 20, 2021

JAN 20 (2021), singable satire: Tom Lehrer sings "REDUPLICATIONS L to Z"



ORIGINAL SONG: "The Elements", Tom Lehrer, 1959.

PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2015. This song is the eighth of nine in the series on Word Pairs. You can find the links to the lyrics of the previous songs at the bottom of the post. 

 For a discussion of reduplications on an earlier post on this blogsite, click here. The current post also honours our previous venture of Feb 15, 2017 entitled 'Abracadabra' to 'Zoom-zoom': possibly the world's largest compendium of reduplications'.  

UKULELE and GUITAR-FRIENDLY LINK: Our whole series of songs can be found in a friendly format for ukulele (and guitar)-players on our sister blog  "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE". Click HERE to proceed to this site. 

Many of these words and phrases have fascinating stories of their origin and subsequent use; the hotlinks highlight those with instructive or amusing information available on the web.

There’s lazy Daisy, loosey-goosey, Ling Ling, and lickety-split
And lovey-dovey, legal eaglemellow yellow, and nitwit
And Mai Tai, mole hole, nitty-gritty, and phony-balo-oney.

There’s namby-pamby, no-no, ooey-gooey, okey-dokeping pong
And pom-pom, palsy-walsy, pasty-faced, slap-happy, singalong
And pow-wowpitter-patter, pooper-scooper, plain Jane, and pell-mell
And poo-poo (scat), pooh-pooh (reject), and pupu (snack);  how can you tell?

There's quick fix, quack-quack, razzle-dazzle, rail trail, ragtag, ring-aling
A mini-lesson found on the Internet
And  razzmattaz, and rumble-tumble, Roger dodgerand Sing Sing.
And ready Freddy, rollick-frolic, “fuddle-duddle” (P. Trudeau)
And roly-polyrinky-dink and super-duper, or so-so.

There's shock jock, sure cure, snip-snap, sci-fi, smartcart, shipshape, and stun gun,
And silly billy, speed read, shilly-shally, squish-squash, stumblebum
And shady ladyseesawspace race, Star Wars, snail mail, PigglyWig'
And tutti-frutti,  tittle-tattletiki, tip-top, thing'majig.

There's teeter-tottertootsie-wootsie, teentsie-weentsie, and tee-tee
And tom-toms drumming, tartar, tum-tum, tattle-tale, uh-huh, TV
And tubby-wubby, willy-nilly, wishy-washy, woman’s womb
And walkie-talkie, wingding, yo-yo, yoo-hoo! zig-zag and zoom-zoom.

Ta-Dah !!!

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