April 21, 2023

APR 21, mammalian wildlife: a peek at elephant seals

Reminiscence from a year ago (somehow this didn't get posted back then):  

What we got to see at Año Nuevo State Park on our April '22 trip was a mass of seal pups, who had been heavily fed by their mothers and then abandoned  on the beach, while the mothers swim out to sea as usual on their long and lonely migration. The pups spend a lot of time sleeping off their recent huge intake of food, and after a few months make their own way, eventually, into the sea where they somehow cope with doing their own life-adventure, learning to swim, hunt and eventually to relocate their home beach, all miraculously without guidance.

It would be great to return in late fall to see the older males, who weigh up to 5000 pounds, when they return for annual breeding.


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