December 20, 2020

DEC 20, singable satire: Tom Lehrer sings "REDUPLICATIONS A to K"


ORIGINAL SONG: "The Elements", Tom Lehrer, 1959.

PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2015. This song is the seventh of nine in the series on Word- Pairs. You can find the links to the lyrics of the previous songs at the bottom of the post. 

EXPLANATION:  For a  discussion of reduplications, check an earlier post on this blog-site by clicking hereThis post also honours our previous venture of Feb 15, 2017 entitled 'Abracadabra' to 'Zoom-zoom': possibly the world's largest compendium of reduplications'. 

UKULELE and GUITAR-FRIENDLY LINK: Our whole series of songs can be found in a friendly format for ukulele (and guitar)-players on our sister blog  "SILLY SONGS and SATIREwith chord-charts and helpful performing suggestions. Click HERE to proceed to this site. 

This post is a follow-up to "The Reduplications: A Lesson"

  This collection of fascinating phrases has been modified somewhat since its original posting on the site Thanks are due to Al Silver, Becky Hurwitz and Uncle Paul for suggesting several examples which were incorporated into the current version. 

 WARNING!  Do not attempt to sing this lesson at the pace of a patter-song. The management of this blog will take no responsibility for any injuries sustained.

Many of these words have fascinating stories of their origin and subsequent use; the hotlinks highlight those with instructive or amusing information available on the web.

A mini-lesson found on the Internet

There’s achy-breakyartsy-fartsybigwigBB, and aye-aye
And Bora Bora, beriberi, (good) bees knees, and (bad) boo-boo
And bonbonbuddy-buddybunga-bungacan-can, and choo-choo

There's crackerjackcouscous, and chili, chugalugchin-chin, cocoa 
And clap-trap, culture vulture,  chit-chatchock-a-block,  cluck-cluck, dodo 
And dilly-dally, deadhead, dum(b)-dum(b), dingle-dangle, and clip-clop 
And easy-peasy, even Steven, fifty-fifty, and flip-flop.

There's flim-flam, fiddle-faddle, fuddy-duddy, fat cat, funny mon-
And four-door, ga-ga, goody-goody, golden-oldy, and hotshot
And go-go, gibber-jabber, hurly-burly, honky-tonk, hotspot. 
And holy moly!  hoity-toityhip-hop, heeby-jeebies, oy!
And hullaballoo and hokey-pokey, hotpot, hoodoo, and hobo
And handy-dandy, hari-kari, Henny-Penny and heigh-ho!

Hell’s bells! there’s hanky-pankyhootchie-kootchie, hobnob and hoo-haw
Hush-hush! knock-knock, NewYork NewYork, (its zip is fixed twixt MA and PA)
Ill will, and itsy-bitsy, heyday, juju, bass-ackward blackjack
And jingle-jangle, jeepers-creeperskow-tow, kiwi, and knick-knack

Ta-Dah !!!

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