April 18, 2024

APR 18, this week's Carolina lowcountry wildlife

green anole, on backyard fence

Henrietta, the sociable great egret,
at Shem Creek boardwalk

"Blue-tailed skink",
 the origin of that common name is obvious here;
(juvenile five-lined skinks and broad-headed skinks
 have a similar appearance)

jellyfish, recently washed ashore,
Sullivan's Island, SC

a weight-lifting skink

foraging nocturnal opossum
 captured in our porch light 

Henrietta watching kayakers

"Hop to it" (on one leg),
peculiar habit of many shorebirds

African iris
(floral break from all the fauna)

pelican flight

Editor's Note: More photos on this topic can be found on a later posting HERE.

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