April 7, 2023

* APR 7, limerick variations -- lengthy limericks (the 6th line)

reprise from 2020

APR 8, limerick variations: lengthy limericks - the 6th line

Authors' Note:  Although a limerick is traditionally conceived as a 5-line concoction, once a sixth line ('L6') is developed, it may become an inherent part of the poem. The rule of the majority being what it is, on the OEDILF site for creating well-honed limericks the L6 is often demeaned as being only an addendum. The reader may detect that the editors of this blog  (Dr. G. H. and his registered pseudonym G. C.) are supporters of efforts to avoid the crashing boredom of a universe of traditional 5-liners.
   On this daily blog, 6-line verses, otherwise adhering to limerick form, can be found on about 180 blogposts for the interval January 2020 to March 2023; generally these involve a final line following the A-rhyme pattern used in lines 1,2, and 5; on occasion, in another  2-3 dozen poems, second or third appended lines have also been added. 

A comment on the multi-verse limerick (in multiple of 5 lines) can be found HERE.

You can review our entire collection of poems on the topic of "Limerick Variations" as compiled on our more encyclopedic blog "Edifying Nonsense", by clicking HERE.  

 Poetry appearing on this site was written (unless otherwise indicated) by Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym), and the majority of these short verses were contributed to the online humour dictionary-site...
OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary iLimerick Form). In its 18 years of existence, OEDILF has worked its way alphabetically from Aa- to Hi-, with the goal of accumulating a verse defining every meaning of every word in the English language. This co-operative project has accumulated 120,000 carefully edited limericks, with completion date estimated to be around the year 2065. In the past six years, Giorgio has contributed 700 poems to the project; the site's accession number for the verses is indicated at the bottom of the relevant slides in our presentations.


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