April 10, 2024

APR 10 (2024), singable satire: Julie Andrew sings "JEUX-DE-MOTS" from the musical "The Sound of Homonyms"

 PARODY-LYRICS, continuing from our prior blog-post of December 10, 2023.  

ORIGINAL SONG: "Do-Re-Mi", as performed by Julie Andrews and the entourage of von Trapp family children in the film version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit musical "The Sound of Music".
"When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything"

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2014; the medley, in fact, started with two spoofs based on English language homonyms, set to the same original song, developed for a never-performed spectacle entitled "The Sound of Homonyms". The parody-medley was added to Giorgio's predecessor-blog "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies" as one of his earliest parody-songs. The French counterpart, shown here, evolved shortly thereafter.

PARODY-SONGLINK: To find ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany "Jeux-de-Mots (the French homonym medley)" on your favorite instrument, click HERE.


(to the tune of "Do-Re-Mi") 

Mère (mare) -- a Mom whose "NAY" means "NO"
Père (pair) -- for two adopting Dads
Frère (fray-er)-- a nearly worn-out Bro
Soeur (sewer) -- big Sis with mouth that's bad
Chat (shah) -- our middle-Eastern cat
Tante (taunt) -- Ma's sibling who's a tease
Bébé (bay-BAY-- Brest is where he's at:
Partie (par-TEE)/part of our famille (fa-MEE).

Mère, père, frère, soeur, chat, tante, famille !  

Sol (sole-- the fifth note in the scale
Sol (sole-- for soil from land of Oc
Seau (so-- bright bucket or a pail
Sceau (so) -- means "SEAL", and so does phoque
Saut (so) -- from pan to fire, a leap
Sault (so) -- most Anglos say it "SOO"
Sole (sole) -- lone flatfish in the deep
Weeping willow: it's saule (sole), too !

Sol, sol, seau, sceau, saut, Sault, sole, saule ! 

Solfège system (English version): the 5th French note is named "sol"

Language development in France

Editor's Note (added April 20, 2024):
"When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything."
The melody and words of this delightful song remain with us as an "earworm".  With this fact in mind, we have concocted yet another spoof dealing with the French version. We have labelled this effort, a French homonym song, as "Jeux-de-Mots, Encore". (Click the link to enjoy it, available in mid-May). 

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