July 24, 2023

JUL 24, Ontario nostalgia: Toronto ravines (poem)


a) reprise from 2020

JUL 24, Ontario nostalgia: Toronto ravines (poem)

Authors' Note:  Glacial can be pronounced with either 2 or 3 syllables. Here, the word has the meaning of 'produced by, or related to a glacier’. 

  Geologists tell us that during the Wisconsin glaciation, the ice-sheet scooped out soft rock and pushed the piled-up debris, sand and gravel, southward towards Lake Iroquois, the precursor of Lake Ontario. Twelve thousand years ago, with the ending of the ice-age, meltwater from the Laurentide Glacier eroded the channels that became the basis of Toronto's system of ravines.

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b) Giorgio's Lexicon of Binomials

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