May 21, 2022

MAY 21, Carolina lowcountry: farewell, wildlife!

'Til next year, IAC!

Readers' advisory: You can expand any photo on this blogpost, or any other, by clicking on the photo (those embedded in slides are an exception.) 

great egret at a pond in a nearby luxury condo.
Watch your step!

unabashed swimmer in a gatory pond

another suburban pond, close by

a green (Carolina) anole, on patrol

Carolina anole at leisure,
 sunning on our front-yard sago palm

a handsome southern toad,
occasional visitor to our backyard

brown pelicans strolling
 after dinner at the neighborhood 'pelicatessen'

paper-wasp mother building her nest

And, here's a verse about another domesticated great egret ...

pelican swimming fantasia

wood stork and Canada goose

a white ibis sits for a portrait

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