August 19, 2022

AUG 19, curtained verse: foul-mouthed Phil (the night heron)

Author's Note The authors have observed exuberant springtime spread of duckweed, an aqueous plant that superficially resembles an algal bloom, but is in fact beneficial in controlling pollutants.

The resultant marked increase in opacity of the pondwater's surface doesn't seem to bother dabbling fowl like ducks, whose omnivorous eating is targeted primarily at vegetable matter. Night herons, on the other hand, eat a diet of various small creatures, aquatic and terrestrial, ambushing them while standing near the edge of the water. I presume that a dense cover of duckweed would complicate attempts by Phil (as well as his colleagues, although he tends to hunt alone)  to grab a meal of small fish (fries or minnows), if he was so motivated.

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