August 8, 2022

AUG 8, reptiles: update on anole coloration

   During the first week of May, 2022, with spring seriously underway  in the Carolina Lowcountry, little lizards were out doing their thing in our yard (I presume that's hunting for insects, looking out for potential mates, and patrolling their territories to keep out intruders). 

  Harking back to previous reference on this site to anoles, I came across the following illustrated verses:

Carolina (green) anoles

brown anoles

anole coloration

'the Lizard Lair' 

  Events around our yard 'today' (May 3, i.e. taking down an old fence) made it a good day for further observations of green anoles and their remarkable penchant/ability to change colour, even though biologists insist that they are not true chameleons. 

'Ollie' the green anole,
looking greyish on old post

'Ollie', posing again, in our backyard,
on Ocala anise branch,
2 minutes later 

a different creature,
('Ollie's cousin?)
climbing down crepe myrtle,
few minutes later, 100 feet away

You can review photos and illustrated herpetologic verses in a wider context by proceeding to 'Verses about Reptiles (don't worry! no snakes)' on the full-service blog "Edifying Nonsense".

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