May 17, 2022

MAY 17, binomial phrases: "bump and grind"


Authors' NoteThe above verse features a number of binomial expressions, most of which are in common use. The most striking binomial phrases are alliterative (like 'on and off') or rhyming (like "Tease and Please" and 'hot to trot'). As part of their catchy appeal, binomial phrases are often chosen as the names of restaurants, bars and small businesses, but the name proposed here for a strip-club is an original use.
  To help the reader to pick them out, the six contained binomial phrases, dancing across the lines are portrayed in italics and colored font.           

To review the poetic effusion that we have accumulated about binomial phrases, proceed to our blog "Edifying Nonsense", and check out the post  'Grandpa Greg's Grammar: Binomial Expressions'. Click HERE ! 

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