May 14, 2022

MAY 14, waterfowl: action-photos from Swan Lake / Iris Gardens

Continuing from the posts of two days towards the end of April, after our wonderful outing to Sumter SC two weeks ago. 

mute swan, egg-laden, lumbering

whooper swan, in a flap


black swan, grabbing a snack

navigating the ponds

black swan, takeoff plan canceled

a posterior flap

a frontal flap

black swans in flight

swans, like this nesting mute couple,
 spend a lot of time preening themselves

You can review Giorgio's illustrated verses on this topic by proceeding to the post 'Immersible Verse: Limericks about Waterfowl' on the full-service blog 'Edifying Nonsense'. Or, if you prefer, you can find most of this stuff in photo-albums on Giorgio's Facebook profile.

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