April 27, 2023

* APR 27, bi-lyrical verse -- dual rhyme schemes

 reprise from April 2020

APR 27, bi-lyrical limerick: dual-rhyme schemes

Authors' Note
  Despite the message of the verse, the author has taken pains to construct a slate of dual rhyme scheme, or bi-lyrical limericks, including the above instance; the rhyme scheme can be characterized as: 

line 1:  C...A
line 2:  C...A
line 3:  D...B
line 4:  D...B
line 5:  C...A.  

In the above verse, the additional C- and D-pattern rhymes are distinguished using green font. The scansion (pattern of beats), usually involves stressing the third syllable in each line (as indicated by underlining). In this instance, this pattern is broken in the third line of the verse.

Be sure to check out the whole collection of 'bi-lyrical limericks' by proceeding to "Edifying Nonsense." CLICK HERE ! (Or, if you prefer, you could look over this stuff on Giorgio's Facebook photo-albums.) 

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