October 16, 2022

OCT 16, Ontario nostalgia: bunkie


In Ontario's lake-land, a bunkie

Provides cottage guests lodgings quite clunky:

Crammed with odd boating gear,

Plumbing, heating? — not here!

Musty smell, bugs make overnights funky!

Dr.G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2021     OEDILF #115007

Authors' Note: Although specific municipalities often have additional stringent regulations, the building code for the Canadian province of Ontario specifies that any property can have a detached structure measuring up to 10 square meters (108 square feet); plumbing and heating are not allowed in such structures. They may accommodate seasonal use for guests, although off-season or year-round storage of equipment is also a major use. Cottage owners and their guests have come to refer to these detached small buildings, often outfitted with bunk beds, as bunkies.


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