October 26, 2022

OCT 26, limerick variations: C-rhyme disciples



Poet laureate, Seamie O'Malley

Wrote his opus in Limerick Valley,

Quote recorded in history:

"I've found, there's no mystery,"

A- and B-rhymes are boring

(New formats exploring).

An adventure worth mention

Is C-rhyme extension,"

Cry around which disciples would rally.

Dr.G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2022

Author's Note:  Well, yes. This verse does go on at length (including a D-rhyme extension), but in a highly regulated fashion that would have been applauded by the famed lyrical seer and his followers. Support by a cadre of Irish disciples had materialized initially, but to O'Malley's bitter disappointment, was unsustained globally.
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