December 11, 2021

DEC 11, neologism (personal): dyscoprotaxis (my favorite one)

Authors' Note:  Dyscoprotaxis is a neologism, indicating the failure to get the stuff of one's life in order, composed of the familiar Greek roots dys- (bad, impaired, failed), copro- (excrement), and -taxis (movement). The word is opposite in meaning to getting it together.

A few personal neologisms share the distinction of being targeted as the subject of verses on this blog. These include POTUSA, electile dysfunction, awarassment, DOGgraphy (diagnostic imaging), and pelicatessen (waterfowl).
Other personal neologisms have played a supportive role including critiquery, high-nasty, and pelfless

(Ed. Note:) To make this effort easier, we have now collected these neologistic verses in a collection on our parent blog "Edifying Nonsense";  click HERE.

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