January 20, 2020

JAN 21, a brief saga: "First Term on the Range"

PARODY-ORIGINS: These verses were originally conceived as poetic lyrics. However, they can, like almost all limericks, be easily sung (sometimes with minor modifidations) using  certain well-known tunes; in this case, the classic American western ballad "Home on the Range", 1872 (lyrics that also underwent a transition from poetry to song) -- the best known recording is by Bing Crosby, 1933.

LIMERICK VERSE:  Original poetry, the limerick "Hillary Pilloried" was written by Giorgio Coniglio in November
Many of the other constituent verses have been published at the OEDILF website (Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form) by  Giorgio. You can review some of these poetry verses by proceeding to a collection on our topic-based blog "Edifying Nonsense" HERE

Author's Note  The results of the acrimonious U.S. presidential election in November 2016 caused despondency and resentment in some segments of the population. Donald J. Trump ran a successful campaign under the slogan "Make America Great Again", and won the electoral college majority. After the election, there was considerable distraction by unproductive disputes over the popular vote, possible voter fraud, and the size of crowds at inaugurations.

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INTRODUCTION: a) Lead-off Verse "Hillary pilloried"
                        b) Chorus (the largest group of voices ever assembled)

1. Covfefe
2. White House Communications
3. Pardoning "Sheriff Joe"
4. Second Amendment
5. Trade Renegotiations
6. Male Accountability
7. Morning Tweetstorm


  (to the tune of Home on the Range)

Introductory Verse:
Now that Hillary's pilloried, Donald J. Trump
Is our president (like it or lump)
America grated,
Our allies frustrated,
Seems America's slated to slump.  
With Hillary pilloried, Trump
Is our prez (Libs might like that or lump).
America grated,
Our allies frustrated,
Revenge? Twenty-twenty, we'll dump.   

Spicer thought that today, we should best play it safe, eh?
(Covert intel was leaked by El Jefe.)
"Constant negative press"?
We can clean up that mess
With a weapon Vlad calls "the covfefe".

"No attack dog, more scary than poochy,
Nor sex scandal that screams, 'Hoochie-coochie'
Could match the release
Of that New Yorker piece:
My profane rant." The Mooch Scaramucci

Though Trump's base found the concept beguiling,
Old Joe's pardon flouts justice, defiling
The Court's verdict: "Contempt".
Worse, this scoundrel's exempt
For bad
 outrages he's been compiling.

 A consortium of ursine arms-vendors
Struck gold when they sold ClawExtenders,
Thus fulfilling the prayers
(And the right to arm bears) 
Of good Second Amendment Defenders. 

"Can you think of a policy dafter
Than to scuttle good trade deals like NAFTA?
Xenophobic old goat!",
Offshore car-makers gloat.
North American job loss comes after.

Half the populace sadly keeps coping.
As elected old lechers keep groping  
Here’s a sobering thought: 
At the top starts the rot – 
Let’s have Congress impeach them– here’s hoping! 

Boast! Roast! - morning tweetstorm
"What a child!", gloat detractors, "an effete storm"
He's America's First
(His own enemy, worst)
A self-centered and 'sad' Self-Defeat-Storm.  


At THIS POINT, you can REPEAT the introductory verse and chorus.  

(Editorial Note): We hope that you, even if you are a RINO, enjoyed these lyrics. BTW, You can find 40 poetic verses on this topic in 5 collections on our full-service blog "Edifying Nonsense". Click HERE to start!  

8. Reckless Trump wrote this lim'rick, "Jerusalem:
Former allies Islamic, cut loose..." A lim 
That was sure to start riots; protesters might die. It's 
Diplomacy? His poor excuse-a-lim.

9. With judgment hard-headed, outrageous and poor,
He pulled hard for the dubious Roy Moore.
Down in ol’ Alabama, child-molesters to slammer 
Should proceed, not U.S. Senate floor. 

10. George Orwell imagined his 'Newspeak'-
In that world, it’s what peons must/do speak.
But the administration that's controlling this nation
Now mandates what words staff eschew-speak.

11..What could menace ambassadress Haley?
She's a hawk who will dress down foes gaily.
Her boss? Slippery as fish — headline-grabbing his wish.
Has he sacked her? She should assess daily

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