January 1, 2020

JAN 1, The start!!!

waterfowl; great egret; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Ardea alba; photography; Giorgio Coniglio
Great Egret: Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

POEMS: Poetry appearing on this site was written (unless otherwise indicated) by Giorgio Coniglio, and for the most part contributed to the online humour dictionary site OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form). OEDILF has worked its way alphabetically from Aa- to Gr-, with the goal of accumulating a verse defining every meaning of every word in the English language. This co-operative project has in its 15 years of existence accumulated over 107,000 carefully edited limericks, with completion date estimated to be around the year 2065. In the past three years, Giorgio has contributed over 300 poems to the project; the site's accession number for the verses is indicated at the bottom of the relevant slides in our presentations.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The majority of photographic illustrations were obtained by Giorgio Coniglio, using an i-phone 7 camera. These illustrations were collected independently of the verses, and formulated using Powerpoint software. Subjects for the wildlife photographs were not reimbursed for appearing in these illustrations, and the editor admits that their consent was not always obtained; an effort was made not to disturb their environment. Other artwork by the author was performed using Powerpoint.  Where indicated, friends provided some bird photographs. When required for purposes of illustration, photos, primarily open-use, were drawn from the internet, and are designated by pale blue title plaques.

LOCALES: Unless otherwise displayed, photographs relating to flora and fauna, and to artwork in the southern United States, were shot in and around Charleston, South Carolina. We will endeavor to note other sites, which may include Toronto, San Francisco, Florida, Washington, DC, and Paris.   

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