January 8, 2020

JAN 8: a winter afternoon's walk

If you are viewing these photos with an i-phone:
1) Hovering the selection arrow over any photo will result in the 'title' appearing
2) You can enlarge any photo (a black background may appear)
3) To escape from black-background-display limbo, look for a TINY 'x' in the far upper-right corner, and click there.
The procedure is mostly the same on a PC, but the tininess of the escape mehanism on my iphone7 is truly remarkable.

female sago-palm displaying seed-pods               the secretive black-crowned night heron

Coleman blvd; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglijo
night heron; Nycticorax nycticorax; Patriots Point; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

white ibis; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio; Eudocimus albusMt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

squirrel visiting a patio                                                         white ibis scooping its dinner    

Bonus verse:

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