October 20, 2023

OCT 20 (2023), singable satire: Leonard Cohen sings "DANTE VIEWS the PAIN OF LUST" (Canto 5b)


ORIGINAL POEM:  "Inferno" by Dante Alighieri, the first book in the triad, "The Divine Comedy", written in the early 14th century.
ORIGINAL SONG: "Dance Me To The End Of Love" Leonard Cohen, 1984.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, November 2015.
PARODY-SONGLINK: To find ukulele and guitar chord-charts to help you accompany "Dante Meets the Pain of Lust" on your favorite instrument, click HERE.

Inferno Canto#5b: 

(to the tune of "Dance Me To The End Of Love")

Intro: (reprise of Canto#5a)
Dante to the Second Circle warily descends
Dante with companion Virgil, Minos’ censure fends
A swirling flock of moaning souls who mortally
had letched
Choir-like, they are heard to kvetch
Choir-like, they are heard to kvetch.
Canto 5 continued:
Intesi che son dannati a così fatto tormento
Peccator che la ragion sommettono al talento
E come li stornei ne portano l’ali
Così quel fiato li spiriti mali
Quel fiato li spiriti mali.

Dante views the fate of those whose burning passion sinned
Buffeted like winter starlings by the smiting wind
Hurricanes that never rest tempestuously thrust,
And lash them with the winds of lust;
Damn them to the winds of lust.

Dante bears the witness, but his eyes he barely trusts,
Classical and literary lovers felled by Lust
Cleopatra, Semiramis, figures he knew well,
Tossing on the winds of Hell
Tossing on the winds of Hell.

Dante feels great pity for a thousand tortured shades
Torn by love from mortal life ‘though none of them had AIDS
Paolo and Francesca stop for coffee and a bite
Time-out from their endless flight
Time-out to describe their plight.

Paolo and Francesca were a pair to break your heart
Paolo and Francesca topped Ravenna’s scandal charts.
(Shakespeare’s sad Verona couple - not invented yet
So no-one knew of Juliet,
No-one heard of Juliet)    
Bro-in-law in castle garden, bad case of the hots;
Romance tales they read of Guinevere and Lancelot.
Bro Giovanni pulled his knife when they betrayed his trust
Murdered as revenge for lust
Murdered as revenge for lust.

Essa disse, “Esser basciato da cotanto amante,
Basciò e quel giorno non vi leggemmo avante
Dante, “Io venni men così com’io morisse
E caddi come corpo morto cade.
Caddi com'un morto cade.”

Dante learned how Frankie’d given into earthly bliss
When Paolo got his cue from reading of Sir Lancelot’s kiss 
Dante poet, overwhelmed by anguish, felt so crushed
He fainted with this tale of lust.

Dante felt the pain of lust.

Gianciotto, may he dwell in Caina; Caina, Caina, Caina, Caina, Caina Cai... 
Gianciotto, may he dwell in Caina; Caina, Caina, Caina, Caina, Caina, Cai.. 

Gianciotto ( or Giovanni the lame) - disparaging nickname for Giovanni Malatesta

Caina a pit in the lowest ring of Hell reserved for those who have committed treachery and violence against family members (named after Cain, Abraham's son)

Italy in the late Medieval Period



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