September 30, 2023

SEP 30, insects: yellow jackets (DTg)


a) reprise from September 2020

SEP 30, insects: yellow jackets

Authors' Note: A million Emergency Room (ER) visits per year in the United States are caused by concern over stings from insects of the order Hymenoptera; stings can result in significant local reactions and even anaphylaxis. Many people attribute these incidents, without differentiation, to 'bees'. In fact, the common honeybees and bumblebees are considerably less aggressive than yellow jackets, such as Vespula maculifrons; these pesty wasps make us miserable in the summer and early fall, particularly at fairs and other outdoor events, by their relentless search for sugar-containing foods. Vespine is the adjective relating to wasps.

You can review Giorgio's other verses about pesty and occasionally beneficial insects, as  collected in 'Buzzwords: Verses about Insects' on the full-service blog "Edifying Nonsense". Click HERE. 

b) Decorative Touches 

 Continuation from "Pictures at a Renovation -- finishing touches", (fabric artwork), September 12, 2023. 


                                                                              fabric art by R.C.H., presented with thanks

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