December 27, 2022

DEC 27, poetic non-sequitur: "The Secret Life of Plants" (+ US news)


Authors' Note"The Secret Life of Plants", 1973, was a controversial piece of 'non-fiction' that recounted controversial experiments that pointed to plant sentience and emotion. The book became the basis for a documentary film, and even inspired a music album by a well-known popular singer/musician in 1979. Considerable criticism arose from its then-trendy pseudoscientific claims based on non-replicable reports. Subsequently, aspects of how plants, including vegetable species, sense and react to environmental changes, have undergone more intense and sober investigation by academic botanists.

Update from this week's news ... 

Readers may want to review the origin of the charges in this case by reviewing our poem "Classified" posted November 3, 2022. 

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